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Inorganic Pigments Consortium

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Cobalt titanate green spinel


Substance description

EINECS No: 269-047-4

CAS N0.: 68186-85-6

EINECS Description: This substance is identified in the Colour Indexby Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I.77377

Colour Index Description: Cobalt Titanate Green Spinel is produced by high temperature calcination of a mixture of oxides of cobalt and titanium in varying amounts to Form a crystalline matrix of inverse spinel. Its composition may include any one or a combination of the modifiers CaO, Li2O, MgO, Fe2O3, NiO, Sb2O5 or ZnO.

Generic formula: (Co)2TiO4

Lead Registrant: COLOROBBIA

Expected registration: 2013

List of identified uses

• Ceramics
• Plastics
• Paints / Coatings
• Building Materials

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