The Inorganic Pigments Consortium was created on July 10, 2008 under the legal form of an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), with headquarters in Castellón, Spain. The purpose of the IP Consortium is to jointly comply with the legal obligations related to the EU REACH and CLP Regulations for complex inorganic pigments.

The Inorganic Pigments Consortium has 22 member companies, grouping the major manufacturers and importers of complex inorganic pigments in the European Union.

Currently 37 complex inorganic pigments are covered in the portfolio of the IP Consortium. You will find additional information on the substances registered by the Inorganic Pigments consortium in the section substances.

How to access the information

If you are interested in the REACH Registration of any of the substances covered by the Inorganic Pigments Consortium, you can purchase a Letter of Access.

Please contact us for any question related to the Inorganic Pigments Consortium.