Substance Description

EC number: 232-382-1
EC name: Pyrochlore, antimony lead yellow
IUPAC name: Lead antimony pyrochlore
CAS number: 8012-00-8
CAS name: Pigment Yellow 41
Color Index Number: C.I. 77588

Substance Identification Document


Information on Registration dossier and updates

First registration date: 2010
Date of latest dossier update: 2020

Sections updated:

  • Substance identification
  • Use & exposure information
  • Downgrade of tonnage band to 1-10T/year

Tonnage band: 1-10T/year

Substance-specific information

Included in Candidate List of SVHC: ECHA decision document
Restriction for certain uses included in REACH Annex XVII: See details on ECHA dissemination website